Our Free Range Hens

June 2nd 2012  -  Videos

The Health Of Your Hen / Choosing Your Hen

With Frosts Free Range Hens you will have the opportunity to choose your desired hen. We will give you the opportunity to check over the bird and would suggest you make certain observations about your hen, which any good hen supplier should allow you to do, 1: Are the eyes bright, is the bird alert. 2: Are the scales on the legs clean and smooth 3: Lift the breast feathers and check for any small red mite, their skin should be clean.

Tips: Nothing that hens love more is a good dust bath, this keeps their feathers in good condition, and ash from an open fire place offers the ultimate in luxury baths. Don’t forget that chicken muck on your vegetable patch or lawn is ideal.

Recycling Ideas

At home we keep a bucket in the corner of the kitchen which I fill with left overs from the family dinner and just general bottom of the fridge food at the end of the week like lettuce, cherry tomatoes, apple cores. I would not recommend any kind of meat waste.

These scraps are a great supplement for your hens diet and will all translate through the taste of your fresh free range egg.

Our flock physically chase Max when they see him carrying the bucket of goodies, he often does not have chance to empty the scraps on the floor before they are crowding around him. Seasonal Special Deals ££££

From time to time we sell off our free range flock, these girls are around 13 months old and have had the ideal free range life style, grazing outside all day and kept safely and cleanly in hen houses at night.

As we supply eggs to local customers we need to replenish our flock yearly with younger girls, however our older ladies still lay beautiful eggs and are extremely friendly and really deserve a good retirement opportunity.

Please ask if we have any of these birds available as they are reduced in price Tel 0777 585 3888

The ultimate brain teasing question Which came first the chicken or the egg ?


On Site Hen Supplies

We have an established pet and equestrian supplier who are more than happy to provide you with all of your chickens needs, being hen houses, feeding options, feeders and bedding.

They are also open 7 days per week, so come on take a visit.

Watch our 'girls' from these videos

Frost Free Range Hens

Watch out 'girls in their enclosure. Move your cursor over the image above and click to view. 

On the Range

View our hens roaming in their habitat. Move your cursor over the image above and click to view.