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Frost Free Range Hens


Hello and welcome to our website. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my family to you, and give you a little insight into how all this started for us.

My name is Carolyn, my husband is Martin (whom you will probably make first contact with)  My husband's family have farmed for 80 years in Cambridge.

Some fifteen years ago, I decided it would be really good to have a few chickens roaming around , free range of course as I understood that would be the best quality I could have for my kitchen and family diet and maybe get my littlest fellow to learn about food and where it comes from. I liked the whole 'Local food, MILES better' ethic and decided we would do our bit.

We had some old stables and decided this would make an ideal home for my birds and a paddock for them to free range in.

We both arrived at a family friends house who had reared chickens for years and purchased our first five girls, all Rhode Rocks. When homed they seemed such a small group, but we waited with anticipation for our first eggs.

One morning my husband had just been passing the barn when he checked on the egg laying situation and appeared at the kitchen door with two beautifully formed fresh eggs. After much excitement in the kitchen we attempted to fry our first eggs, and shared the bounty sparingly amongst us all.

These little chickens of ours proved to have many visitors, and as a result became extremely tame, and you know what happened next....we bought more and I loved them all.

Eventually we became overrun with eggs, and I converted an old rabbit hutch and started to offer my fresh eggs outside the front of the farm, with great results and more and more demands put onto us to supply customers. This resulted in people often knocking at our door first thing in the morning or last thing at night to enquire if we had any more, as our stocks had run out.

We now sell our fresh eggs at local farmers' markets, and directly from the front of the farm.

In the past 15 years we have learnt so much about this easy, rewarding hobby and are always happy to discuss your requirements, and waylay any worries or concerns you may have.

We now ensure that our girls come to you fully vaccinated, blood tested and ready to roll, with potential of your first eggs appearing in 2 to 3 weeks after purchase.

You are welcome to choose your ladies, and we will talk you through what to do to ensure you have healthy, happy hens.

We also offer you full details of the best care, and we also have an on site pet supplier that can supply you with food, feeders, drinkers and houses. All in all, we are a one stop shop dedicated in ensuring the best for your happy laying girls.

Thank you for finding out about us, if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Frost Free Range Hens

The White House,

New Shardelowes Farm,

Balsham Road, Fulbourn

CB21 5 DA

Telephone : 01223 882291 or 07775 853888

All of our birds are reared to freedom food standards.

Thank you for your consideration. Your custom is always appreciated.

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